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the obligation to use a reasonable standard of care to prevent injury to others
a) defamation b) damages c) duty d) breach
is a payment recovered in court by a person who has suffered an injury
a) assault b) damages c) arbitration d) duty
a false statement that injures a persons' reputation or good name
a) defamation b) mediation c) fraud d) invasion of privacy
is a court order that prevents a party from performing a specific act and may be temporary or permanent
a) court injuctions b) damages c) defamation d) false inprisonment
when property is stolen, destroyed or used in a manner that is inconsistent with an owner's rights
a) defamation b) conversion c) tort d) assault
a defense whenever the defendant can show that the victim did something that helped cause his or her own injuries
a) contributory negligence b) damages c) defamation d) comparative neglogence
a defense raised when the plaintiff knew of the risk involved and still took the chance(assumed risk) of being injured
a) breach b) contributory negligence c) assumption of risk d) false inprisonment
a defense that is raised when the carelessness of each party compared to the other party's carelessness
a) assault b) contributory negligence c) defamation d) comparative negligence
when one person in liable for the torts of another
a) arbitratio b) vicarious liability c) conversion d) breach
entry onto the property of another without consent.
a) trespass to land b) assumption of risk c) contributory negligence d) court injunctions
is a private wrong committed by one person against another
a) tort b) false imprisonment c) damages d) defamation
the harmful or offensive touching of another
a) assumption of risk b) battery c) contributory negligence d) damages
when you breach or break your duty to another person
a) defamation b) duty c) False imprisonment d) breach
means that breach of duty caused the injury
a) conversion b) duty c) causation d) breach
occurs when a person intentionally puts another person in reasonable fear of an offensive or harmful bodily contact
a) breach b) causation c) assault d) court injuctions
giving the power to settle their dispute to a third party.
a) assault b) arbitration c) damages d) defamation
the victim suffers an injury, has property destroyed or loses a lot of money.
a) Actual Harm b) Arbitration c) Conversion d) Duty
Alternative Dispute Resolution
a) occurs when a person intentionally puts another in reasonable fear of an offensive or harmful bodily contact b) giving the power to settle their dispute to a third party. c) occurs when parties try and resolve and disagreement outside of the usual court system d) is a private wrong committed by one person against another.
the intentional confinement of a person against the person's will and without the lawful ability to do so.
a) court injunctions b) conversion c) damages d) false inprisonment
occurs when there is an intentional misrepresentation on an existing important fact (that is a lie) which cause the victim to give up a right or something of value
a) Fraud b) invasion of privacy c) tort d) negligence
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