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Augustus found out he was sick again before they went to Amsterdam.
a) true b) false c) d)
Hazel spent a lot of time at Augustus' ____________ when he got sick.
a) car b) library c) house d) cemetary
Hazel took Augustus to go see the bones statue, and Augustus saw himself more like the bones than the ________________.
a) children b) dogs c) cats d) horses
Augustus got sick at a __________ and told Hazel not to call the police.
a) gas station b) zoo c) grocery store d) mall
Hazel started calling Augustus _____ when he got sick.
a) boyfriend b) lazy c) Gus d) dead man walking
When Augustus came out of the hospital, he was in a ____________________.
a) wheelchair b) coma c) cast d) parade
Isaac, Augustus and Hazel ____________ Monica (Isaac's ex girlfriend)'s car.
a) painted b) egged c) destroyed d) cleaned
Augustus' _________ had come back.
a) cancer b) leg c) anemia d) eyes
What school do you go to?
a) Bartlett High School b) Wayne Elementary c) Western Illinois University d) Hogwarts
Our last CBI was to
a) a pumpkin patch b) swimming c) the zoo d) New York City
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