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moving from one place to settle in another
a) migrating b) cell c) mazatlan d)
platforms built on the shore or out from it; piers
a) platforms b) docks c) skillet d)
picking out, choosing
a) politics b) picking c) selecting d)
without doubt; sure
a) coins b) positive c) sure d)
excellent; wonderful
a) grand b) remember c) sad d)
act of kindness
a) scent b) kindness c) favor d)
an agreement to trade; deal
a) deal b) bargain c) scent d)
a place where two things are joined
a) jointed b) place c) favor d)
a hairy gray mammal that feeds at night and digs holes in the ground
a) badger b) dog c) elephant d)
a smell
a) jointed b) scent c) bargain d)
set of related living things with similar characteristics
a) tables b) riverbed c) species d)
person who studies living things
a) naturalist b) offended c) justin bieber d)
mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain or valley
a) riverbed b) glacier c) water d)
channel in which a river flows or used to flow
a) riverbed b) channel c) disney channel d)
hurt the feelings of someone, made angry
a) hurt b) happy c) offended d)
a wild place with few or no people living in it
a) wild b) wilderness c) paris d)
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