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Because I was ___________________, I overcame my stumped toe and won the race!
a) embodied b) tenacious c) persistent d)
The soldiers _________________________ through the hard battle
a) embodied b) persevered c) d)
display of reckless or pretended bravery
a) persist b) diligence c) bravado d) tenacious
careful and continued work
a) persist b) embody c) diligence d) tenacious
strength of mind that enables a person to meet hardship with courage
a) bravado b) embody c) persist d) fortitude
to represent in visible form
a) fortitude b) bravado c) embody d) persist
to continue to do something in spite of opposition, warnings or pleas
a) tenacious b) persist c) embody d) diligence
persistent, not easily pulled apart, holding fast
a) tenacious b) embody c) persist d) bravado
The students’ __________________ paid off with good grades on their research papers.
a) embody b) diligence c) d)
to keep at something in spite of opposition, difficulties, and discouragement
a) bravado b) persevere c) diligence d) embody
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