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goes against the signs of aging
a) antiaging b) microwave c) magician d) epidermis
medicine that blocks (go against)the growth and reproduction of bacteria
a) calmness b) pseudonym c) antibiotic d) supernatural
The point on Earth's surface directly above an earthquake's focus
a) export b) dietician c) intramural d) epicenter
Outer layer of the skin
a) peripheral b) epidermis c) failure d) macroscopic
speech given in praise of someone who has died
a) superlative b) pseudograph c) perimeter d) eulogy
a kinder use of words to replace harsher ones
a) euphemism b) excommunicate c) microscopic d) friendliness
to be kicked out of the church
a) export b) excommunication c) magical d) extract
to remove or take out forcefully
a) macroorganism b) epicenter c) introspective d) extract
within a school between teams from the same school
a) microwave b) antiaging c) intramural d) peripheral
examining one's own feelings; looking within yourself
a) introspective b) export c) calmness d) macroscopic
large enough to be visible to the naked eye
a) microscopic b) perimeter c) macroscopic d) superlative
Objects so small that you can only see it by using magnification
a) microscopic b) macroscopic c) failure d) magical
relating to the area that is to the side of the area you are looking at
a) perimeter b) superlative c) peripheral d) pseudograph
fake name
a) pseudonym b) extract c) excommunicate d) intramural
excellent; above all others
a) supernatural b) superlative c) epidermis d) antibiotic
a health care professional who is skilled in the art of nutrition and diet planning
a) dietician b) magician c) extract d) friendliness
relating to magic
a) magical b) failure c) magician d) peripheral
state of being calm
a) export b) introspective c) calmness d) macroorganism
act of failing
a) epicenter b) failure c) introspective d) intramural
beyond what is natural or observable; not explainable by the laws of nature
a) superlative b) epidermis c) supernatural d) pseudonym
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