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The belief that people were bad by nature and needed to be controlled
a) Daoism b) Confucianism c) Legalism d) Diffusion
The most famous Daoist teacher. Credited with writing the basic text of Daoism, The Way and Its Power.
a) Diffusion b) Confucianism c) Laozi d) Daoism
A philosophy developed in China that stressed the belief that one should live in harmony with the Dao, the guiding force of all reality
a) Confucianism b) Legalism c) Daoism d) Diffusion
A philosophy based on the ideas of Confucius that focuses on morality, family order, social harmony, and government
a) Daoism b) Confucianism c) Legalism d) Diffusion
A prediction by a wise person
a) Jade b) Laozi c) oracle d) Shi Huangdi
The longest river in Asia, flowing through eastern China
a) Legalism b) Daoism c) Yellow River d) Chang Jiang River
A river that flows from the Kunlun Mountains to the Yellow Sea
a) Huang He River (Yellow River) b) Confucianism c) Chang Jiang River d) Daoism
A hard gemstone often used in jewelry
a) oracle b) Jade c) Yellow River d) Legalism
A barrier made of walls across China’s northern frontier
a) The Great Wall b) Silk Road c) Diffusion d) Shi Huangdi
A network of trade routes that stretched across Asia from China to the Mediterranean Sea
a) Shi Huangdi b) The Great Wall c) Silk Road d) Diffusion
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