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Plantations, slaves Cash Crops. JThese things best describe what Region of colonial America
a) South b) North c) East d) West
Farming just enought for your family to eat
a) Cash Crop b) Staple Farming c) Subsistance Farming d) Plantation Farming
Susistance farming, Shipbuilding,Fishing and trading. These things represent which area of colonial America?
a) North b) South c) East d) West
Crops that could be sold easily in markets in the colonies and overseas.
a) Staple Crops b) Cash Crops c) Primary Crops d) Secondary Crops
People who worked for up to 7 years to pay for their passage to America
a) Slaves b) Freemen c) Indentured Servant d) Indentured Freemen
The journey of Slaves across the Atlantic to America
a) Slave Route b) Journey of Misery c) The Freedom Journey d) The Middle Passage
Trade between: Britain, Africa, The West Indies and the Colonies
a) The Bermuda Triangle b) The Trade Diamond c) Box Trade d) Triangular Trade
Laws put into place to govern the behavior and treatment of Slaves
a) Black Laws b) Conscription Codes c) Slave Codes d) Jim Crow Laws
This English document influenced America greatly. It said tht the King was not above the law.
a) The Magna Carta b) The English Bill of Rights c) The English Declaration of Freedom d) The Articles of Confederation
This document in English history limited the power of the King and increased the power of Parliament
a) English Bill of RIghts b) Magna Carta c) The Articles of Confederation d) The Constitution
A period of Religious awakening in America. It helped to create the ideal in our government that all men are created equal
a) The Enlightenment b) The New Age c) The Great Awakening d) The Great Renewal
War fought between the British and the French over the Ohio River Valley
a) The American Revolution b) Pontiac's War c) Nat Turner's War d) French and Indian War
What was a result of the French and Indian War?
a) France went into decline and only spain and Britain remained as super powers b) Britain ruled the world including the colonies c) Britain decided they needed to ta the colonist to pay for the cost of the war. d) The French retreated to Canada
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