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An expanse or mass of continuous land.
a) Continent b) Cartography c) Country / Nation d) Primary Source
A large group of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language inhabiting a particular country or territory.
a) Continent b) Eurasia c) Country / Nation d) Cartography
The landmass of both Europe and Asia.
a) Continent b) Sourcing c) Eurasia d) Afroeurasia
A large geographical region spanning Africa, Europe, and Asia.
a) Continent b) Country / Nation c) Eurasia d) Afroeurasia
Movie, television show, or radio program that provides a factual report.
a) Primary Source b) Secondary Source c) Cartographer d) Documentary
a) Sourcing b) Cartography c) Cartographer d) Documentary
A geographer who makes maps.
a) Cartography b) Cartographer c) Documentary d) Sourcing
Asking questions about a source: Who created it? When? Why? From what point of view?
a) Sourcing b) Cartographer c) Primary Source d) Secondary Source
First-hand account of the event.
a) Sourcing b) Primary Source c) Secondary Source d) Documentary
An account of an event that was created later by people who did not experience the event first-hand.
a) Sourcing b) Primary Source c) Secondary Souce d) Documentary
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