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What structures are in the upper respiratory tract
a) esophagus, trachea, mouth,nose, lungs b) esophagus, trachea, mouth, nose, epiglottis, c) nose, mouth, pharynx, epiglottis, trachea, bronchi d) nose, mouth, pharynx, epiglottis, larynx, trachea
what is the largest branch of the bronchial tree
a) bronchi b) bronchiole c) alveoli d) capillaries
An air filled cavity within a bone is a
a) olfactory receptro b) mucous membrane c) sinus d) epiglottis
This structure is also known as the voice box
a) noaspharynx b) adam\'s apple c) larynx d) thryoid cartilage
What structure does the epilgottis close over
a) trachea b) oropharynx c) nasopharynx d) esophagus
What part of the pharynx is visible when you open your mouth?
a) nasopharynx b) epiglottis c) laryngopharynx d) oropharynx
Why does the left lung have only 2 lobes?
a) It is larger so it only needs 2 lobes b) to accomodate the heart in the space c) to make room for the stomach and the spleen d) there has to be an odd number of lung lobes
Which part of the pleura around the lungs comes in contact with the lungs?
a) parietal pleura b) none of the above c) pleura space d) visceral pleura
Where does the exchange of O2 and CO2 take place in the lungs?
a) alveoli b) main bronchi c) visceral pleura d) bronchioles
When the diaphram pulls downward what happens?
a) It makes the lungs expell air b) None of the above c) It makes the thoracic cavity to expand and the lungs to draw air in d) It gives extra room to swallow large pieces of food
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