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The first page of a report. It gives the title of the report, the name of the writer, the name of the school or class, and the date.
a) Title Page b) Top Bound c) Report d) Work Cited
The main text of a personal letter, business letter, memo, email, or report
a) Top Bound b) Work Cited c) Body d) Hanging Indent
Top margin is wider 1.5 inches to accommodate binding along the top margin
a) Body b) Unbound c) Left Bound d) Top Bound
Longer reports prepared with binders. Left margin is wider 1.5 to accommodate binding along the left margin.
a) Body b) Left Bound c) Top bound d) Unbound
Short reports that are prepared without binders or covers
a) Unbound b) Top Bound c) Left Bound d) Body
Headings used to separate the report into sections.
a) Work Cited b) Unbound c) Body d) Side Headings
A temporary left margin that indents all lines but the first line of the text.
a) Body b) Hanging Indent c) Reference List / Works cited / Bibliogrpahy d) Title Page
A list of all referneces used in a report. This allows the writer to give credit to the author of the material used in the report.
a) Unbound b) Double Space c) Title Page d) Reference List / Works cited / Bibliogrpahy
Pressing the enter key twice, leaving one blank line. This can also refer to line spacing using the word processing feature to leave one blank line between each line of text
a) Triple Space b) Quad Space c) Single Space d) Double Space
Why are there no jokes about Bruce Lee?
a) Bruce Lee is no joke. b) Who's Bruce Lee? c) Banana d) Because babies look like potatoes.
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