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The materials and tools used by the artist to create a work of art
a) Medium b) Style c) Craftsmanship d) Content
The manner and skill in which the artist uses tools and materials to achieve an expressive effect.
a) Technique b) Craftsmanship c) Aesthetics d) Realism
Aptitude, skill, or manual dexterity in the use of tools and materials.
a) Craftsmanship b) Technique c) Realism d) Composition
The approach to art in which the forms used by the artist are essentially descriptive of things that the artist sees.
a) Naturalism b) Realism c) Content d) Composition
Forms created by the artist but usually derived from objects actually observed or experienced. Usually forms are simplified or rearranged to suit the needs of the artistic expression. Often there is little resemblance to the original object.
a) Abstract b) Form c) Nonobjective d) Composition
The quality or sensation of pleasure, enjoyment, disturbance, or meaning people can experience in viewing works of art. It is a study of these emotions involving the psychology, sociology, and philosophy of art.
a) Aesthetics b) Style c) Composotion d) Subject Matter
A work of art that has no recognizable subject matter.
a) Nonobjective b) Subject Matter c) Subjective d) Composition
Refers to the persons or things represented in a work.
a) Subject Matter b) Content c) Composition d) Style
The specific artistic character and dominant form trends noted in art movements. It may also mean artist's expressive use of media to give an individual character to his work.
a) Style b) Craftsmanship c) Technique d) Medium
The arbitrary organization or inventive arrangement of all of the visual elements in an attempt to develop a unity in the total work of art.
a) Composition b) Style c) Form d) Content
The totality of the work of art. The organization of all elements that make up the work of art.
a) Form b) Content c) Subject Matter d) Composition
The essential meaning, significance, or aesthetic value of an art form. Refers to the sensory, psychological or emotional properties that one tends to feel in a work of art as opposed to the perception of mere descriptive aspects.
a) Content b) Form c) Composition d) Style
A form of expression which retains the basic impression of visual reality but, in addition, attempts to relate and interpret the universal meanings which lie underneath the surface appearance of natural forms.
a) Realism b) Style c) Form d) Content
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