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The word atoms comes from a Greek word that means
a) uncuttable b) small c) large d) belongs to Adam
The symbol for Aluminum is
a) Al b) A c) Au d) Am
The symbol for Sulfur is
a) S b) Su c) Sl d) Sr
The symbol for Calcium is
a) Ca b) CA c) Cl d) Cm
There are ________ naturally occurring elements.
a) 100 b) 92 c) 192 d) 118
Every living thing contains__________
a) Carbon b) Oxygen c) Carbon dioxide d) Nitrogen
C is the symbol for
a) Carbon b) Copper c) Chlorine d) Calcium
The symbol for Chlorine is
a) Cl b) Ch c) C d) CL
The symbol for Magnesium is
a) Mg b) Mn c) Ma d) MG
Au is the symbol for
a) Gold b) Silver c) Aluminum d) Nickel
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