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This galaxy has no definite shape
a) irregular b) spiral c) spinny d) elliptical
This galaxy has spherical or flattend disks
a) elliptical b) spiral c) spinny d) irregular
The galaxy that our solar system is in
a) Milky Way b) M and M c) Snickers d) Skittles
Worldwide timing and navigation system that utilizes 24 satellites
a) GPS (global positioning system) b) PGS c) GAPS d) WTNS
This shape galaxy has a nucleus of bright stars and two or more arms
a) spiral b) elliptical c) irregular d) spinny
Collects light from distant stars and separates that light into bands of different color; that is used to determine what the star is made of
a) spectroscope b) stethoscope c) space probe d) telescope
Contains instruments to collect data and travel out of Earth's orbit to explore the places that would be too dangerous for astronomers
a) space probe b) satellite c) spectroscopes d) robots
Placed into orbit around Earth with special instruments and telescopes that collect information from space which is sent back to Earth to be interpreted
a) satellite b) space probe c) telescope d) spectroscope
Type of telescope that receives radio waves that are emitted from objects in space
a) raido telescope b) refracting telescope c) reflecting telescope d) electromagnetic telescope
Collects visible light, then uses a convex lens or mirror to focus light, creating brighter larger images of things at a distance in space
a) telescope b) microscope c) spectroscope d) space probe
Scientist who studies galaxies, stars, and all other things in space.
a) astronomer b) astrologist c) physicist d) star gazer
(gas and dust) exist in space and are remnants from the formation of the universe
a) nebula b) star c) red shift d) supernova
As galaxies move, the wavelength of light emitted from those are stretched. As it shift of light reaches the red in of the spectrum it is known as a ______
a) red shift b) white shift c) purple power d) supernova
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