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a series of events in a drama
a) play b) plot c) conflict d) rising action
a form of literature meant to be performed on stage in front of actors
a) poem b) short story c) episode d) drama
names of ALL participants in a drama
a) roles b) cast of characters c) characters d) properties (props)
the sections that a drama is divided into
a) divisions b) roles c) scenes d) parts
a collection of scenes in a drama
a) trilogy b) monologue c) act d) prologue
a struggle between opposing forces that is revealed through a character's thoughts and actions
a) climax b) control c) fight d) conflict
the writer of a play
a) author b) poet c) playwright d) editor
the person who speaks to the audience when a drama is performed
a) narrator b) main character c) playwright d) stage manager
What do you call the character or person that an actor/actress plays the part of?
a) job b) cast c) role d) speaker
the written text of a play
a) dialogue b) directions c) script d) novel
the words that characters say to one another
a) discussion b) monologue c) soliloquy d) dialogue
In a play, the character's name can be found ________________ his/her lines.
a) above b) before c) under d) after
tells characters how to act and show their feelings
a) stage manager b) stage directions c) roles d) playwright
describes the setting and are often written in italics, parentheses, or brackets
a) playwright b) roles c) stage manager d) stage directions
things or items that the characters or actors may need to use as they perform their part
a) lines b) scenes c) properties (props) d) roles
What is a synonym for DRAMA?
a) play b) novel c) poem d) story
when and where the story takes place
a) exposition b) setting c) resolution d) conflict
Which of the following would be an example of a famous play?
a) The Outsiders b) The Giver c) Brian's Winter d) Romeo and Juliet
What do dramas and stories have in common?
a) They both contain characters. b) The plot is set into motion by a conflict. c) They both contain elements of plot such as exposition, rising action, conflict, falling action, and resolution. d) All of the above.
Which of the following could be found in a movie but NOT in a play?
a) prop b) characters c) costumes d) 3-D technology
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