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Personal behavior
a) code of ethics b) conduct c) business ethics d) integrity
Set of guidelines for maintaining ethics in the workplace
a) code of ethics b) business ethics c) principle d) social responsibility
Conflict between self-interest and professional obligation
a) integrity b) business ethics c) conflict of interest d) principle
Total honesty and sincerity
a) principle b) ethics c) conduct d) integrity
Moral principles by which people conduct themselves personally, socially, or professionally
a) ethics b) principle c) integrity d) conduct
A shop or factory in which workers are employed for long hours at low wages and under unhealthy conditions
a) warehouse b) conduct c) sweatshop d) store
The duty to do what is best for the good of society
a) ethics b) social responsibility c) principle d) conduct
Rules based on moral principles about how businesses and employees ought to conduct themselves
a) conduct b) sweatshop c) business ethics d) integrity
Something that does good to a person or thing
a) principle b) ethics c) conduct d) benefit
A rule of conduct
a) principle b) conduct c) business ethics d) integrity
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