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Which of these is not a role of the President?
a) Chief Legislator b) Commander in Chief c) Chief Justice d) Chief Citizen
How old must you be to become President?
a) 35 b) 40 c) 25 d) 30
How long do you have to be a citizen to become President?
a) 7 years b) Since birth. c) 9 years d) You don't have to be a citizen.
Which of these is not a role of the President?
a) Chief Administrator b) Chief Executive c) Chief Diplomat d) Chief of Chiefery
Who has to ratify treaties made by the President?
a) The Senate b) The House c) The Supreme Court d) The Vice President
Who is the President of the Senate?
a) The Speaker of the House b) The President c) President Pro Tempore of the Senate d) The Vice President
Who takes over for the President if they die in office?
a) The Speaker of the House b) Secretary of State c) Vice President d) First Lady
Republican platforms on foreign policy tend to be more ______________ than Democrats.
a) Peaceful b) Aggressive c) Passive d) Expensive
Which of these is not a 'perk' of the Presidency?
a) Air Force One b) Presidential Limo c) Personal Beehives d) 24-hour Dominos Pizza
Which of these is not a federal executive agency?
a) Department of Defense b) Department of Motor Vehicles c) Department of the Interior d) Department of Agriculture
The Governor of Nebraska is
a) Deb Fischer b) Ben Sasse c) Pete Ricketts d) Brad Ashford
The duty of the President is to...
a) Create laws b) Interpret the Law c) Enforce the Law d) Rule the world
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