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What was the result of the Russian Revolution?
a) The czar remained in power, and the peasants celebrated b) Free elections were held, and Vladimir Lenin was elected president. c) Lenin won the revolution, and Russia became communist. d) The czar and the socialists reached a compromise that created a parliament
Why did the United Kingdom want to create a colony in Australia?
a) To create a port for the British navy. b) To create an economic base for trade with Asia c) To relieve overcrowding in British jails d) All of the above
The ___________________ was the race and competition of European countries to gain territory in Africa.
a) African Race b) Age of Exploration c) Scramble for Africa d) Columbian Scramble
At its height, it was said that 'the sun never sets on the British Empire'. What is the BEST explanation of this saying?
a) The British owned both Poles, which receive constant sunlight during summer. b) Britain controlled cast areas of land that spread across the globe. c) The Brits only colonized sunny areas that would produce the most food. d) All British subjects had a positive, or sunny, attitude.
Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal gained his famous nickname for which of the following?
a) He started a navigational school. b) He funded expeditions that eventually rounded the tip of Africa. c) Great advances in cartography (map-making) and navigation took place during his reign. d) All of the above.
SENTENCE 1 - Men were dying fighting in WWI. SENTENCE 2 - People were starving due to lack of food. SENTENCE 3 - The Czar could not fix the problem. Which of the following resulted because of the first three sentences.
a) The Russian Revolution b) WWI c) World War II d) The Cold War
SENTENCE 1 - Wanted access to the sources of Asian goods, such as spices. SENTENCE 2 - Wanted more natural resources. SENTENCE 3 - Wanted to spread Christianity. Which of the following was the most likely result of the first three sentences.
a) European began exploring. b) Europeans began trading on the Silk Road. c) Europeans began trading with natives in the Americas. d) Europeans began trading with African tribal kings.
How do alliances turn small conflicts into war?
a) Alliances get countries involved that are not directly affected by the conflict. b) Alliances give citizens a sense of pride in their country. c) Alliances allow countries to build up huge militaries. d) Alliances result in he death of 6 million Jews.
What was the WWII alliance of Germany, Japan, and Italy called?
a) The Nazis b) The Triple Entente c) The Axis Powers d) The Alliance
Which European country had the most colonies in the Americas?
a) Portuguese b) Dutch c) French d) Spanish
During the Cold War, a visual reminder of its meaning was the Berlin Wall. Which statement BEST describes the reason for it being built?
a) The wall was necessary to show Germans where the Soviet zone was located. b) The wall was built to divide Berlin into four sectors. c) The wall was built by the East German government to stop people fleeing from East Berlin to West Berlin. d) The wall was built to establish better economic growth for East Berlin.
Why did the Nazi party become the largest party in Germany's government?
a) Voters were upset about the state of Germany's economy. b) They promised social security. c) They won a civil war. d) Mussolini was a powerful leader.
WWII came to an end when
a) the Allies captured Berlin. b) the Allies defeated Italy. c) the Axis powers defeated Russia. d) the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.
As a result of the worldwide economic depression, what political party rose to power in Germany?
a) Communist Party b) Republican Party c) Nazi Party d) Democratic Party
What is anti-semitism?
a) Hatred of the Soviet Union b) Discrimination and mistreatment of Jews c) Discrimination and minstreatment of Native Americans d) Opposition to the US involvement in WWI
Which is one major reason the Holocaust is considered a unique event in European history?
a) Jews of Europe have seldom been victims of persecution. b) Civilians rarely were killed during air raids on Great Britain. c) Adolf Hitler concealed (hid) his anti-Jewish feelings until after he came to power. d) The Genocide was planned in great detail and required the cooperation of many people.
SENTENCE 1 - Holocaust. SENTENCE 2 - Led to the Cold War. SENTENCE 3 - Totalitarian governments in Europe. Which war do the 3 sentences refer to?
a) World War I b) World War II c) Russian Revolution d) Both World War I and World War II
Which two things did Germany have to do as part of the Treaty of Versailles?
a) Have a small army and create a communist government. b) Join the League of Nations and give up land. c) Pay war reparations and have a small army. d) Put Hitler into power and pay war reparations.
Treaty of Versailles ----------Worldwide Depression----------WHAT GOES HERE?
a) European exploration begins b) World War I begins c) Hitler comes to power d) The Cold War begins
The fall of the Berlin Wall signified ___________________________.
a) The end of the Cold War b) The end of World War II c) The beginning of the Cold War d) The beginning of the Russian Revolution
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