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Why did prehistoric cultures begin to make permanent settlements?
a) The Indians had abundant large game. b) The Indians began to cultivate plants. c) The Indians followed herds of large animals. d) The Indians wanted to band together for protection.
Which group was the first to use and make pottery?
a) Arachic b) Woodland c) Paleo d) Mississippian
What is the correct order of prehistoric cultures?
a) Paleo, Woodland, Archaic, Mississippian b) Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian c) Archaic, Paleo, Woodland, Mississippian d) Woodland, Paleo, Archaic, Mississippian
Which prehistoric Native American culture included three distinct periods: early, middle, and late?
a) Paleo b) Arachic c) Missisippian d) Woodland
Which prehistoric culture developed the bow and arrow?
a) Woodland b) Mississipian c) Archaic d) Paleo
During which prehistoric period did horticulture begin?
a) Archaic b) Paleo c) Woodland d) Mississippian
Which group had the most advanced clothing and began tattooing their bodies?
a) Mississippian b) Woodland c) Archaic d) Paleo
Which group was the first to form tribes?
a) Woodland b) Arachic c) Paleo d) Mississippian
Which statement does NOT prove that the Mississippian people were an advanced civilization?
a) They used sophisticated farming methods. b) They dressed fashionably. c) They lived in villages. d) They were nomadic.
Why is there little evidence of the Paleo culture in Georgia?
a) Paleo remains have been destroyed by natural forces b) The Paleo were nomadic and did not leave many artifacts in one place c) Paleo sites were often looted by cultural groups who came after them d) Paleo Indians lived primarily in western states, not in Georgia
What happened over time to the native cultures
a) They evolved over time with new technological advances. b) They did not change over time. c) They continued to be nomads and hunter/gatherers. d)
Which group developed stone hoes and digging tools to help with farming?
a) Mississippian b) Arachic c) Woodland d) Paleo
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