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Who introduced the Greek language and culture to Judah?
a) Antiochus b) Cyrus c) Samuel d) Alexander the Great
The worship of more than one God is called
a) atheism b) Christianity c) polytheism d) monotheism
According to the Hebrew Bible, who led the Israelites out of Egypt?
a) Nebuchadnezzar b) Moses c) the Maccabees d) Jacob
The Ancient Israelites stressed the importance of
a) family and daily life b) manners and eduction c) suffering and tradition d) education and family
According to the Hebrew Bible, who was the father of the leaders of the 12 Tribes of Israel?
a) Jacob b) Cyrus c) Moses d) Joshua
The Hebrew Bible states that Daniel's faith in God protected him from the
a) lions b) Babylonians c) plagues d) Christians
According to the Hebrew Bible, whom did Samuel anoint as the first king of Israel?
a) Nebuchadnezzar b) Saul c) Ezra d) Alexander
The wise sayings of Solomon were written down and are called
a) proverbs b) fables c) rules d) psalms
Who fought the Romans for freedom and drove them out of Jerusalem in 66 AD for a short period of time?
a) Zealots b) Samaritans c) Sadducees d) Greeks
The scrolls of the Torah are kept in a cabinet called the
a) Ark of the Law b) Shabbat c) Talmud d) Torah
The Pharisees urged people to practice the Torah's teachings with ___________, or dedication and a strong commitment.
a) devotion b) cooperation c) d)
The Sadducees favored ________________ with the Romans; they wanted to keep peace and order in Judea.
a) cooperation b) devotion c) d)
Who defeated the Chaldeans and conquered Babylon?
a) Persians b) Assyrians c) Romans d) Greeks
Who is believed to have written the Book of Psalms?
a) David b) Abraham c) Ezra d) Saul
Who was the Persian king who defeated the Chaldeans and allowed the exiled Jews to return to Judah?
a) Cyrus II b) Alexander the Great c) Herod d) Samuel
The Second Temple in Jerusalem was rebuilt during the reign of
a) Herod b) Abraham c) Bar Kochba d) Cyrus
The faith of the Israelites became known as
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Buddhism
The fortress of _______________ was the scene of a very long Roman and Jewish siege battle.
a) Maseda b) Galilee c) Covenant d) Torah
The Jews met here to pray and discuss their religion.
a) synagogues b) churches c) plazas d) mosques
Who translated the Hebrew Bible into Greek, spreading Jewish ideas?
a) Jews of Diaspora b) Essenes c) Muslims d) Pharisees
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