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What are the four types of macromolecules?
a) lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids b) monosaccharide, amino acids, nucleotides, lipids c) lipids, proteins, fatty acid, carbohydrates d) monosaccharide, amino acids, nucleotides, and fatty acids
What are glucose, sucrose and starch examples of?
a) lipids b) proteins c) carbohydrates d) nucleic acids
What helps speed up the process of a chemical reaction?
a) substrate b) enzyme c) catalyzed reaction d) uncatalyzed reaction
This macromolecule has long term energy use and makes up cell membranes
a) carbohyrate b) nucleic acid c) protein d) lipid
Which of the following is not a carbohydrate?
a) glucose b) sucrose c) phospholipids d) starch
Leon has a big football game tonight. Which monomer should he load up on during dinner to ensure he has enough energy for the game?
a) fatty acids b) monosaccharides c) lipids d) proteins
lipid is to insulation as carbohydrate is to
a) stored energy b) quick energy c) insulation d) heredity
Determine if the following is a carbohydrate, lipid, protein or nucleic acid: wax.
a) carbohydrate b) protein c) lipid d) nucleic acid
What is the function of nucleic acid?
a) speed up reaction, structure, support, immunity b) short term energy c) long term energy d) holds genetic information
What elements are lipid made up of?
a) Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen b) Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen c) Helium, Carbon, Oxygen, Phosphorus d) Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus
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