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What does wistful mean?
a) longing for something b) hungry c) sad d) a game of chance
What does maligned mean?
a) Not alinged b) With evil intent c) A divergent point of view d) hopeful
What does talisman mean?
a) An omen b) A challenging situation c) A monk d) A charm
What is a fakir?
a) An omen b) A good luck charm c) A Hindu monk d) danger
What is a grimace?*
a) A purple McDonald's character b) Deadly c) A face d) A frown symbolizing pain
What does fatal mean?
a) A pained expression b) Fearful c) An attraction d) Deadly
What is a torrent?
a) A computer term b) Rushing water c) A charm d) A dangerous landslide
What does peril mean?
a) Danger b) Deadly c) Fatal d) Grimace
What does haste mean?
a) A strong dislike b) A pained expression c) Calmly d) Quickly
What does amiable mean?
a) Kind or friendly b) Rushing water c) Calmly d) A pained expression
What does placid mean?
a) Quickly b) Deadly c) Calmly d) With evil intent
What does visage mean?
a) Face b) Feet c) Heart d) Emotions
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