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Any change of position
a) weight b) motion c) work d) Newton
The measure of the force of gravity on an object.
a) weight b) direction c) push-pull meter d) force
A certain place.
a) Tilden Elementary b) machine c) direction d) position
The metric unit of force
a) gravity b) direction c) Newton d) friction
A force that pulls objects toward each other
a) gravity b) speed c) machine d) push-pull meter
Used to measure the amount of forect it takes to push or pull an object
a) scale in my bedroom b) friction c) push-pull meter d) speed
Is only done when a force is applied to an object and the object moves a measurable distance.
a) gravity b) spring scale c) machine d) work
A force that acts on objects making them slow down.
a) machine b) friction c) running out of gas d) distance
How far you moved.
a) distance b) friction c) gravity d) Newton
Shows how much force it takes to lift something.
a) distance b) friction c) Spring scale d) push-pull meter
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