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People wanted to buy land in Florida because of the
a) good road system b) climate c) lack of alien sightings d) shopping
One of the new appliances that added to the land rush in Florida was the
a) bug zapper b) alien detector c) microwave d) air conditioning
Land sales in Florida were affected dramatically by
a) hurricanes b) power outages c) government investigations into land fraud d) alien abductions
This person from Minnesota was the first to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe
a) Amelia Earhart b) Charles Lindbergh c) Alien Annie d) Henry Ford
One of history's mysteries is the disappearance of
a) Charles Lindbergh b) an alien UFO that landed in Washington, DC c) Amelia Earhart d) President Warren G. Harding
With more people having their own automobiles,
a) the trucking industry developed b) more roads were needed c) gas stations became a new business d) all of these
One of the ways businesses increased their sales was
a) having aliens sell their stuff on other planets b) getting the military to buy things c) calling people and pressuring them to buy d) advertising
Installment buying means
a) having to pay the installer of your new item b) getting money from aliens c) paying only a part of the cost when you get the item and then making payments until the full price has been paid d) stalling or waiting to pay for things after they've been delivered
One of the larger consumer products that became popular in the 1920s was the
a) large-screen TV b) trampoline c) automobile d) UFO models
A problem with installment buying was that
a) aliens got into fights with their friends over it b) some people had so many payments that they couldn't pay them all c) there were taxes on the installments d) the government ended up making too many payments to manufacturers
One of the popular consumer goods that became available in the 1920s was the
a) hair dryer b) vacuum cleaner c) microwave d) Alien deflector helmet
The new consumer goods of the 1920s
a) cut the amount of time people had to spend on household chores b) brought a new era of legal battles c) scared aliens d) were too expensive for most people to acquire
This utility was in 2 out of 3 homes by 1929
a) Gas b) Alien Power c) Electricity d) Telephones
The 1920s were known as
a) War years b) Alien years c) The Roaring 20s d) The Age of Enlightenment
The US government helped businesses to expand by
a) having aliens run them b) raising the tax on goods from other countries c) lowering the cost of energy d) giving them free land
A popular game played by children in the 1920s was
a) marbles b) jacks c) jump rope d) all of these
The 18th Amendment
a) gave women the right to vote b) made it legal to host aliens c) made it illegal to sell, buy or consume alcohol d) gave equal rights to all US citizens
A popular dance in the 1920s was the
a) Twist b) Charleston c) Jitterbug d) Alien Act
One of the reasons there were more consumer goods in the 1920s was because
a) people were unusually creative b) the President ordered it c) Aliens started to give people ideas d) manufacturers could put their effort into consumer goods instead of weapons for war
A new form of transportation for many in the 1920s was the automobile, but many people also started to travel by
a) UFO b) electric train c) carraige d) airplane
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