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Trees that produce cones to carry seeds.
a) Coniferous Trees b) Deciduous Trees c) Desert Scrub d) Revolution
The sphere of very hot metal at the center of the earth.
a) Tropical Cyclone b) Plate c) Core d) Mantle
The condition of the air and sky from day to day.
a) Climate b) Weather c) Precipitation d) Weathering
The thick layer around the Earth’s core.
a) Crust b) Mantle c) Plate d) Canopy
An area of cold climate and low-lying vegetation.
a) Canopy b) Weather c) Tundra d) Desert Scrub
Desert vegetation that needs little water.
a) Desert Scrub b) Savanna c) Crust d) Tundra
Water that falls to the ground as rain, sleet, hail, or snow.
a) Weathering b) Climate c) Tropical Cyclone d) Precipitation
Soft, nearly molten rock.
a) Plate b) Magma c) Rotation d) Core
Trees that lose their leaves seasonally.
a) Deciduous Trees b) Coniferous Trees c) Savanna d) Crust
An intense wind and rain storm that forms over oceans in the tropics.
a) Temperature b) Revolution c) Weather d) Tropical Cyclone
An imaginary line through Earth between the North and South poles, around which earth turns.
a) Revolution b) Magma c) Axis d) Orbit
A park like combination of grasslands and scattered trees.
a) Savanna b) Desert Scrub c) Tropical Cyclone d) Coniferous Trees
A huge block of Earth’s crust.
a) Plate b) Tundra c) Crust d) Savanna
A complete turn.
a) Orbit b) Revolution c) Axis d) Rotation
The path one body makes as it circles around another.
a) Revolution b) Plate c) Orbit d) Rotation
The removal of small pieces of rock by water, ice, or wind.
a) Weathering b) Climate c) Magma d) Erosion
How hot or cold the air is.
a) Weathering b) Climate c) Weather d) Erosion
The thin, rocky layer on Earth’s surface.
a) Mantle b) Plate c) Core d) Crust
A process that breaks rocks down into small pieces.
a) Weather b) Weathering c) Erosion d) Precipitation
The layer formed by the uppermost branches of a rain forest.
a) Tundra b) Savanna c) Canopy d) Erosion
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