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This is true about a prkaryote
a) are single celled, usually small and do not have nucleus enclosed by a membrane b) are always mulitcellular, but are usually small c) are single or muticellular organisms that have nucleus in the center d) are single celled organisms with a nucleus
This is true about a eukaryote
a) can be unicellular or multicellular and all have nucleus enclosed by a membrane b) are all single celled and contain a nucleus c) are only multicellular with a nucleus d) are either single or multicelled organisms but do not contain a nucleus
The flu stands for this word
a) influenza b) infiltrate c) flurishing bacteria d) flurishing virus
viruses are
a) not considered living things because they can not survive outside of their host b) are living things because they perform all of life's functions c) larger then bacteria d) made of Eukaryotic cells
Archaea live mostly in these places
a) where no other organism could survive such as hot spring and very acidic places b) only where it is very cold like the actic c) only in other organisms as they are parasites d) only under ground where no light reaches them
Bacteria is found
a) almost anywhere on earth b) only in our oceans or where it is very wet c) only inside of other organisms as they are parasidic d) only in hot areas of the earth
Bacteria are shaped in this way
a) spiral, rod, or round b) they are mostly round but can be a rod shape c) all bacteria are spiral shaped d) bacteria are too small to have a definate shape
This is true about Eukaryotes
a) they can be either single or multicellular organisms b) they are only multicellular organisms c) they are mostly bacteria d) they are able to make their own food, and are also known as producers
This is true about prokaryotes
a) they are single celled organisms b) they are only multicellular organisms c) they are all plants d) they are mostly algea
A living thing that a virus or a parasite use for resources and shelter
a) host b) archaea c) bacteria d) plasmid
A cat spraying on different trees is an example of this
a) marking territory b) defending resources c) courting another species d) finding food
In the movie Chimpanzee we saw an example of Freddy's group defending their territory, who is their main threat to their resources
a) another group of chimpanzees or another group of the same species b) predators such as lions c) monkeys because they steal their resources d) Chimpanzees don't have to worry about defending their resources because they have plenty in the big forest
In the movie Chimpanzee we saw an example of parenting, when Freddy stepped in and took care of Oscar. What would have happened to Oscar if Freddy hadn't stepped in to take care of Oscar?
a) Oscar would have died, because he wouldn't have had someone to teach him the learned behaviors that is needed to survive b) Oscar would have been okay, because most of the skills he needs are innate, and Freddy helping is just a want not a need c) Oscar would have looked to another group of monkeys, since they are very similar to Chimpanzees d) Scar's group probably would have taken Oscar in because they were looking to increase their numbers to defeat Freddy
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