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What is the middle part of a long bone called?
a) Epiphysis b) Periosteum c) Diaphysis d) Compact bone
This attaches muscle to bone
a) tendons b) ligaments c) membranes d) rubber bands
What do osteoblasts do?
a) build bones b) break down bones c) make white blood cells d) make red blood cells
What hormone is released when blood calcium levels fall?
a) parathyroid releasing hormone b) estrogen c) calcitonin d) parathyroid hormone (PTH)
This attaches bone to bone
a) tendons b) rubber bands c) ligaments d) membranes
Why is osteoporosis more prevalent in females?
a) bones are more dense b) bones don't have enough calcium c) bones don't have enough minerals d) bones are less dense
What type of bone is found in the patella
a) long b) short c) sesamoid d) irregular
What membrane lines the organs?
a) parietal b) visceral c) synovial d) serous
What is the bottom layer of the epidermis
a) stratum spinosum b) stratum lucidum c) stratum basale d) stratum granulosum
What is the top layer of the epidermis
a) stratum corneum b) stratum granulosum c) stratum lucidum d) stratum spinosum
What layer of skin is burned off in a 1st degree burn
a) hypodermis b) epidermis c) dermis d) subcutaneous
What is the most deadly form of integumentary system cancer
a) carcinoma b) sarcoma c) melanoma d)
What is carcinoma
a) cancer of the epithelial tissue b) cancer of the connectice tissue c) cancer of the skin cells d) cancer of the bone
What are the 4 membrane types
a) mucous, synovial, serous, cutaneous b) mucous, synovial, serous, parietal c) mucous, synovial, serous, visceral d) mucous, synovial, serous, insane
If a person is in the anatomical position what bone is directly superior to the tibia?
a) fibula b) femur c) patella d) radius
When in the anatomical position what is the relationship between the radius and ulna?
a) Ulna is medial to the radius b) Ulna is lateral to the radius c) Ulna is superior to radius d) Ulna is inferior to the radius
When in the anatomical position what is the relationship between the sternum and the cranium?
a) The sternum is superior to the cranium b) The sternum is medial to the cranium c) The sternum is inferior to the cranium d) The sternum is lateral to the cranium
What hormone brings blood calcium levels back down to normal
a) parathyroid hormone b) calcitonin c) parathyroid releasing hormone d) estrogen
How many bone are in the human body?
a) 204 b) 200 c) 205 d) 206
What part of a long bone grows
a) epiphysis b) epiphyseal plate c) diaphysis d) endosteum
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