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A prediction that explains a possible reason for an observation; based on evidence and background information (if-then-because)
a) Data b) Hypothesis c) Problem d) Materials
Sequence of steps that are followed to complete an experiment.
a) Data b) Science c) Procedure d) Problem
A judgement statement that states whether your experimental data proves your hypothesis correct or incorrect.
a) Constant b) Hypothesis c) Conclusion d) Observation
Numerical information collected during the experiment, usually shown in the form of tables and graphs.
a) Materials b) Science c) Constant d) Data
A variable that is not allowed to change in the investigation
a) Science b) Constant c) Conclusion d) Data
A variable that changes because it responds to the independent variable. (The variable that is being measured).
a) Materials b) Experiment c) Independent variable d) Dependent variable
An organized procedure to study something under controlled conditions, or the part of the method where the hypothesis is tested.
a) Materials b) Constant c) Experiment d) Science
Detailed list of all the items that you will need in an experiment.
a) Data b) Experiment c) Science d) Materials
Observation that deals with characteristics that cannot be expressed in numbers.
a) Quantitative Observation b) Scientific Method c) Qualitative Observation d) None of the Above
Variable that is changed on purpose, this is manipulated by the scientist (The variable that is being tested).
a) Dependent variable b) Materials c) Procedure d) Independent variable
An organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world.
a) Procedure b) Science c) Problem d) Data
Observation that deals with a number or amount.
a) Qualitative Observation b) Quantitative Observation c) Scientific Method d) None of the Above
A question that begins the scientific investigation.
a) Science b) Problem c) Data d) Procedure
Description of anything seen, heard, tasted, smelled or felt during the experiment.
a) Observation b) Data c) Conclusion d) Materials
A planned approach to solving problems (No Answer)
a) Conclusion b) Science c) Experiment d) Scientific Method
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