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Enzymes are
a) able to be reused. b) consumed in a reaction. c) deformed in a reaction. d)
When enzymes are exposed to high/low temperatures or pH, they can become_____.
a) specific. b) denatured. c) destroyed. d) proteins.
Most enzymes are which biomolecule?
a) carbohydrate b) lipid c) protein d) nucleic acid
Another name for anything that speeds up a reaction is a _________.
a) speedster b) catalyst c) protein d) substrate
Enzymes speed up reactions by _______________ the activation energy of the reaction.
a) speeding up b) lowering c) increasing d) controlling
The initial substance that binds with the enzyme's active site is called a _____.
a) substrate (or reactant) b) product c) catalyst d) protein
The end result of a reaction is called the _________.
a) substrate b) enzyme c) protein d) product
The ___________ is where the substrate binds to the enzyme.
a) active site b) special site c) site of reaction d) substrate site
When enzymes build up a product from 2 or more substrated, this is called _________.
a) decomposition b) combination c) synthesis d)
Enzymes and substrates are often compared to ____________.
a) a set of keys b) a set of locks c) a lock and key d) a product and reaction
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