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What is Jackson’s Island?
a) The setting of Tom’s favorite adventure book b) An amusement park in St. Louis c) A small island in the middle of the Mississippi River d) A tavern in town
Who is the only person to hug Huck when the three boys return for the funeral?
a) Tom Sawyer b) Becky Thatcher c) Muff Potter d) Aunt Polly
What will become of the treasure Huck and Tom find? (A) B) (C) (D)
a) It will be invested for the boys. b) It will be returned to the rightful owners. c) It will be spent on a memorial for Injun Joe. d) It will be donated to the Sunday school.
Who decides to have McDougal’s Cave bolted shut?
a) Judge Thatcher b) Mrs. Harper c) Injun Joe d) Tom Sawyer
Whom does Tom suspect of spilling ink on his spelling book?
a) Becky Thatcher b) Hick Finn c) Alfred Temple d) Himself
What happens when Tom and Joe learn to smoke?
a) They get a whipping from Aunt Polly. b) They win Huck’s friendship. c) They get sick. d) They are expelled from Sunday school.
Who doesn’t believe Tom’s claim that he dreamed about things that occurred at home while he was pirating on Jackson’s Island?
a) Aunt Polly b) Cousin Mary c) Becky Thatcher d) Sid
What is Huck most afraid of when he and Tom return to the cave to find the treasure?
a) Injun Joe's ghost b) Being locked in c) A band of robbers d) Bats
What does Huck do outside Tom’s window to summon him to their midnight adventures?
a) He meows like a cat b) He barks like a dog c) He crows like a rooster d) He hoots like an owl
Who is unaffected by the revival that sweeps through town?
a) Sid, who is always mean and selfish b) Huck Finn, who has no parents to supervise his religious education c) Tom Sawyer, who is sick at the time d) Mary, who is too good to need reforming
Who adopts Huck Finn at the end of the novel?
a) Aunt Polly b) The Widow Douglas c) Judge Thatcher d) Muff Potter
What keeps Injun Joe from finding Tom and Huck hidden upstairs in the haunted house?
a) A noise frightens Injun Joe away. b) They jump out the window. c) The treasure distracts him. d) The staircase begins to crumble.
What does Tom find behind door No. 2 at the Temperance Tavern?
a) Milk and cookies b) Whiskey and Injun Joe c) A dead rat d) Buried treasure
Who is blamed for the murder of Dr. Robinson?
a) Muff Potter b) Injun Joe c) Hoss Williams d) Tom Sawyer
Why do Tom and Huck first go to the graveyard?
a) To dig up a body b) To kill a cat c) To dig for buried treasure d) To charm away warts
In chapter 1, Aunt Polly finds Tom in the closet, discovers that his hands are covered with jam, and prepares to give him a whipping. How does Tom avoid the whipping?
a) He hides form Aunt Polly b) He blames it on Sid c) He distracts Aunt Polly and runs away d) He apologizes
The first word of the novel—Aunt Polly’s shout of “TOM!”—immediately establishes Aunt Polly’s role as disciplinarian and Tom’s role as what?
a) a well behaved child b) a troublemaker c) a serious student d) a boy who is hard of hearing
What does Injun Joe do after Tom testifies against him? (A) (B) C) (D)
a) He denies his guilt. b) He flees out the window. c) He terrorizes the boys. d) He kills Muff Potter.
Who is Sid?
a) Aunt Polly’s boyfriend b) Tom’s cocker spaniel c) Tom’s younger half-brother d) Tom’s father
What insect does Tom release in church?
a) A tick b) A grasshopper c) A lady-bug d) A pinch-bug
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