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I hope I got the correct ________________.
a) anser b) ansur c) andser d) answer
Sixty seconds make one __________________.
a) minut b) menut c) minute d) minit
What _____________________to you?
a) hapend b) hapnd c) happend d) happened
I got a new book from the ________________.
a) library b) librare c) lybrary d) librery
He ____________________the door for her.
a) opend b) oppend c) opened d) oppened
Use a ruler to find the _________________ of your desk.
a) linkth b) lingth c) length d) lenth
The girls are _____________ a new puppy!
a) getting b) geting c) geding d) gedding
_______________do we eat lunch?
a) wen b) win c) whin d) when
The dogsled ______________ the race in first place.
a) fenished b) finished c) feneshed d) finisht
__________________ you can spend the night this weekend!
a) maybee b) mabee c) mabe d) maybe
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