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One way to avoid making errors in your science experiment is to
a) rush through it. b) write down every detail of your experiment. c) change your data to match what you think it should be. d) be very biased.
One way to avoid making errors in your science experiment is to
a) make sure you are using variables correctly b) make sure you use at least 2 independent variables c) leave out any control variables d) never write anything down
One way to avoid errors in your experiment is to
a) not let anyone check your work b) rush through it c) use peer review d) be biased
An error is a ______.
a) guess b) improvement c) challenge d) mistake
One way to avoid errors is to __________.
a) make sure you are the first one finished with your experiment b) use the scientific method c) change your data d) make sure you have 3 independent variables
One way scientists avoid errors is to have other scientists review their work. This is called _______.
a) sharing data b) cheating c) peer review d) peer hypothesizing
Common ____________ in experiments could be things like incorrect measurements, improperly recording data, and not using variables correctly.
a) data b) questions c) errors d) valuables
to be prejudiced towards or against something and you let it affect the results of your experiment
a) bias b) cause c) effect d) data
In science, bias is _____.
a) good b) something to be proud of c) bad d) the way to get an A on your science project
the resulting consequence
a) cause b) effect c) hypothesis d) question
usually the independent variable-the thing you change in the experiment
a) the cause b) the effect c) the hypothesis d) the scientific method
the dependent variable-what you are measuring in the experiment
a) the cause b) the effect c) the hypothesis d) the question
A relationship between two events where the first event is responsible for the second event.
a) bias and error b) scientific method c) cause and effect d) analyzing data
the first event
a) effect b) conclusion c) data d) cause
What is one valid reason a scientist might do an experiment?
a) to determine cause and effect b) to play with chemicals c) to make himself look good d) to save people from the Zombie Apocolypse
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