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What is an example of an oligarchy
a) junta b) monarchy c) presidency d) prime minister
Which Social contract theorist, author of the Two treatises of government, liked life, liberty, and property?
a) John Locke b) Thomas Hobbes c) Jean Jacques Rousseau d) Baron de la Montesquieu
Which Theory on the origin of the state said that people were made to form states in order to form protection from evil people?
a) Force Theory b) Evolutionary Theory c) Social Contract Theory d) Divine Right Theory
Which theory of the origins of a state espouses that the state emerged from the family?
a) evolutionary theory b) force theory c) social contract theory d) divine right theory
What government is characterized by rule by many people?
a) democracy b) autocracy c) theocracy d) oligarchy
Which system contains a feature for citizens to make decisions directly?
a) direct democracy b) representative democracy c) oligarchy d) junta
What government features rule by one single person?
a) autocracy b) democracy c) theocracy d) oligarchy
Which of the following is NOT one of the four essential features of a state?
a) economy b) population c) territory d) sovereignty
What is an example of autocracy?
a) dictator b) president c) junta d) prime minister
Which Social contract theorist believed in Separation of powers?
a) Montesquieu b) Rousseau c) Locke d) Hobbes
What is a group of people who share a common trait
a) nation b) state c) country d) province
What is rule by a small group?
a) oligarchy b) democracy c) autocracy d) monarchy
Who was the first to study government?
a) Aristotle b) Hobbes c) Locke d) Rousseau
What is a system where people elect delegates to make decisions (example U.S. government)?
a) representative democracy b) direct democracy c) oligarchy d) Autocracy
Theory on the origin of the state that stated the idea that people agree to be governed in order to protect life, liberty, and property
a) social contract theory b) Theory of Divine Right c) Evolutionary Theory d) Force Theory
What is the term for the authority to rule?
a) sovereignty b) junta c) autocracy d) territory
Who was the first Social contract theorist and author of Leviathan
a) Thomas Hobbes b) Montesquieu c) John Locke d) Jean Jacques Rousseau
What is another word for country?
a) state b) province c) principality d) republic
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