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What does the prefix dis- mean?
a) against b) in favor c) down d) opposite of
What does the prefix mis- mean
a) wrongly b) before c) again d) very
What does the prefix ad- mean?
a) toward b) away c) not d) in
What does the prefix ab- mean?
a) away b) towards c) on d) off
What does the prefix a- mean?
a) without b) opposite of c) out d) against
What does the prefix be- mean?
a) cause b) in c) out d) in favor
What does the prefix de- mean?
a) down b) around c) above d) under
What do the prefixes com- and con- mean?
a) with b) in favor c) against d) down
What does the prefix per- mean?
a) very b) on c) in d) out
What does the prefix pre- mean?
a) before b) again c) in favor d) not
What does the prefix re- mean?
a) again b) before c) above d) around
What does the prefix ex- mean?
a) out b) in c) on d) not
What do the prefixes in- and en- mean?
a) in b) not c) wrongly d) down
What do the prefixes im- and un- mean?
a) not b) in c) on d) before
What does the prefix ex- mean?
a) out b) down c) not d) wrongly
What does the prefix pro- mean?
a) for or forward b) backward c) against d) before
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