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What is a computer?
a) an electronic device b) a hardware device only c) a brain device d) all the above
Who invented the Pascaline machine
a) Blaise Pascal b) Charles Babbage c) Paul Blaise d) None of the above
What is a joystick?
a) a gaming device b) an output device c) a radio device d)
A mouse is
a) an output device b) a gaming device c) a storage device d) an input device
Input in problem solving is
a) outputting data b) outputting information c) getting information into the computer d) storing data
A printer is
a) an electronic device b) an output device c) a storage device d) a gaming device
Inkjet printer is an example of
a) a gaming device b) an impact printer c) a non-impact printer d) a storage device
Supercomputers are
a) small computers b) micro computers c) very large commputers d)
PDA is
a) a type of computer b) a type of mouse c) an input device d)
Phases in processing cycle are
a) input, storage, output b) input, processing, output c) processing, input and storage d)
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