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Tells how fast an object is moving.
a) position b) your GPS c) direction d) speed
Mechanical devices that help us do work
a) machine b) speed c) direction d) your calculator
Is done only when a force is applied to an object and the object moves a measurable distance. If the object doesn\\\\\\\'t move, no matter how much force has been expended, then no work has been done.
a) speed b) work c) friction d) direction
A certain place.
a) Tilden Elementary b) speed c) distance d) position
Happens when an object changes position when compared to other objects,
a) motion b) lose your homework c) work d) speed
How far you moved.
a) speed b) from the couch to the refridgerator c) distance d) direction
The way you travel.
a) automobile b) motion c) speed d) direction
Tells how fast an object is moving.
a) speed b) teacher c) direction d) work
A certain place.
a) position b) work c) speed d) home
Mechanical devices that help us do work
a) distance b) work c) machines d) computers
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