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Amount of income left after taxes and deductions have been taken out.
a) Net Pay b) Stocks c) Gross Pay d) Debit Card
? which will offer you better interest rate ? Banks are profit driving owned by shareholders. Credit Union : Non Profit and are giving better Interest rates on loans and Savings
a) Banks b) Credit Union c) Saving Loan d) Pay day Loan
Popular Stock index - That tell you how the Market is doing as a whole
a) Bear Market b) Fixed expenses budget category c) Dow Jones, SP 500, Nasdaq d) Bull market
shares of ownership in a company/corporation ex nike
a) Irs b) w4 c) Stocks d) Net Pay
the total amount of money earned before deductions or taxes are taken out of your paycheck
a) Gross Pay b) Net Pay c) Stocks d) Irs
Filled out when you are first hired to determine tax withholding
a) w4 b) Budget c) Irs d) W2
A plastic card used to make purchases now and pay for them later.
a) Net Pay b) Debit Card c) Credit Score d) Credit Card
(_______ Service) Governmental agency responsible for collecting federal taxes, issuing regulations, and enforcing tax laws
a) Budget b) w4 c) Stocks d) Irs
Called Bankers Bank Control the money supply, Inflate Deflate Money, Regulate unemployment and job growth .
a) Debit Card b) Federal Reserve System c) Credit Score d) Pay yourself first
a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account
a) Credit Card b) Net Pay c) Credit Score d) Debit Card
Costs that do not change from month to month, ex House, Car
a) Debit Card b) Fixed expenses budget category c) Variable expense budget category d) Federal Reserve System FED
A GOLDEN RULE of personal finance. Put a portion of your paycheck into savings/investments before any other spending.
a) Gross Pay b) IRS c) Credit Card d) Pay yourself first
A plan for spending money
a) Stocks b) 401k c) Budget d) Pay yourself first
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