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Is oobleck a solid, liquid, or gas?
a) Solid b) Both a solid and liquid c) Gas d) Liquid
What is an engine?
a) something that does a job for humans that they cannot do themselves b) something that is found in machines c) something that used fuel d) something that makes loud noises
What is a force?
a) what Jedi\'s use b) something that resists motion c) a push or pull d) making someone do something
What is work?
a) push or pull b) result of force moving an object c) something you do when you grow up d) another name for burning
What is matter?
a) solids, liquids, and gases b) everything found in the world c) little pieces of material d) everything that takes up space and has mass and weight
Which of these is an example of a solid?
a) oobleck b) helium c) ice d) rain
Molecules in a gas are...
a) far apart b) non-existent c) touching d) close together
What is kinetic energy?
a) energy of kinetics b) saved energy c) energy of motion d) stored energy
Who flew the first powered airplane?
a) The Edison Brothers b) The Wright Brothers c) The Wrong Brothers d) The Newton Brothers
What are rockets used for?
a) space exploration b) all of the above c) missiles d) fireworks
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