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to draw plans for something
a) design b) sketch c) model d) chore
a little wet
a) grip b) damp c) beneath d) spill
a) stubby b) sturdy c) beneath d) design
short and thick
a) sketch b) bend c) sturdy d) stubby
something you get when you win a competition or do something excellent
a) damp b) chore c) award d) amputate
to cut off a part of the body
a) grip b) bend c) award d) amputate
a) manufacturing b) tool kit c) ability d) sturdy
a small copy of something
a) design b) model c) sketch d) tool kit
the correct result of what you wanted to do
a) cycle b) identify c) solve d) success
to find the answer to a problem
a) stubby b) success c) solve d) weird
not very common
a) sturdy b) bend c) weird d) upright
to cause something to fall
a) ponder b) grip c) damp d) spill
to move to a higher position
a) lift b) bend c) spill d) award
to think about something carefully
a) solve b) ponder c) model d) chore
to search for something
a) twist b) rummage c) lift d) model
an idea about what someone should do
a) suggestion b) success c) rummage d) award
a) stubby b) spill c) sturdy d) damp
an object or machine made for a special purpose
a) cycle b) solve c) sketch d) device
a quick drawing that shows the parts of something
a) award b) sketch c) sturdy d) bend
a small job done regularly
a) chore b) model c) cycle d) sturdy
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