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have difficulty with
a) Struggle b) Arrive c) Several d) succeed
including many different kinds
a) Former b) Arrive c) Share d) Varied
to keep, to save
a) Prejudice b) Homeland c) Preserve d) Struggle
traditions passed down from previous generations
a) Heritage b) Foreign c) Ethnic d) Preserve
dislike of people that are different from you
a) Preserve b) Provide c) Poverty d) Prejudice
to become used to or familiar with something
a) Broadcast b) Adjust c) Arrive d) Tasty
try to find
a) Seek b) Succeed c) Share d) Several
know, keep in contact
a) Keep track of b) Keep in touch with c) Former d) Several
the only one of its kind
a) Varied b) Foreign c) Unique d) Ethnic
a lot of
a) Such as b) Share c) Ethnic d) A wealth of
to give a little of
a) Share b) Varied c) Yearn d) Seek
to be sad because you are away from your family and home
a) homesick b) Yearn c) Seek d) Tasty
a) Unique b) Customs c) Tasty d) Such as
national and cultural origins
a) Yearn b) Share c) Tasty d) Ethnic
to get to a place
a) arrive b) varied c) former d) provide
transmit by radio, television, or internet
a) tasty b) Broadcast c) provide d) adjust
being poor
a) Provide b) Preserve c) Poverty d) Several
having a good flavor
a) Such as b) Tasty c) Varied d) Share
to reach your goal
a) Soap operas b) Such as c) Succeed d) Poverty
Escaping immigrants
a) Struggle b) Prejudice c) Preserve d) Refugees
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