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when resources become scarce
a) migrate b) culture c) surplus d) division of labor
spreading of ideas across different groups of people
a) government b) cultural diffusion c) Agricultural Revolution d) surplus
a system separating people into groups
a) government b) division of labor c) domesticate d) class system
hunter-gatherers settle down and begin farming
a) cultural diffusion b) domesticate c) Agricultural Revolution d) class system
a supply that goes beyond what is needed; extra
a) government b) cultural diffusion c) surplus d) trade
people in a group take on different jobs or tasks
a) class system b) surplus c) Agricultural Revolution d) division of labor
giving one product for another
a) cultural diffusion b) class system c) domesticate d) trade
knowledge, beliefs, customs and values of a certain group of people
a) Agricultural Revolution b) culture c) trade d) division of labor
system of ruling a group of people
a) government b) division of labor c) class system d) cultural diffusion
taming of plants and animals
a) trade b) culture c) surplus d) domesticate
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