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Psychologists are interested in
a) aspecxts of human behavior, but not human thought b) aspects of human thought, but not human behavior c) only aspects of human thought and behavior d) every aspect of human thought and behavior
The idea that consciousness is a continuous flow is central to
a) structuralism b) functionalism c) introspection d) behaviorism
The degree of relationship between two or more variables is
a) correlation b) validity c) reliability d) hypothesis
Research in which a carefully selected group of people is asked a set of predetermined questions in interviews or through questionnaires is known as
a) correlational research b) case study research c) survey research d) experimental research
Case studies, naturalistic observation, and surveys are best suited for
a) predicting b) describing c) explaining d) determining the causes of
Which research method would be most appropriate for investigating the relationship between relgious beliefs of Americans and their attitudes towards abortion
a) the survey b) naturalistic observation c) case study d) experimentation
Dr. Wilson attibutes the violence of criminal gang members to the norms and role expectations associated with gang membership. Her belief best illustrates a(an) ____ perspective.
a) psychoanalytic b) evolutionary c) social-cultural d) genetic
_____ is well-known for his studies on obedience
a) Milgram b) Zimbardo c) Freud d) Watson
In an experiement, a researcher manipulates one variable to see how it affects a second variable. The second variable, which is observed is called the
a) control variable b) dependent variable c) independent variable d) hypthetical variable
Which famous psychologist coined the term behaviorism
a) Aristotle b) William James c) John Watson d) Sigmund Freud
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