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Which type of stage has the audience on three sides?
a) thrust b) proscenium c) arena d) flexible
What type of stage has the audience surrounding it on all sides?
a) arena b) thrust c) proscenium d) flexible
What type of stage is referred to as a box stage?
a) proscenium b) thrust c) arena d) flexible
What type of stage can be anywhere an audience gathers?
a) flexible b) thrust c) arena d) proscenium
What is another name for the area where the audience sits?
a) house b) wings c) backstage d) apron
What is the acting area between the grand drape and the audience called?
a) apron b) house c) backstage d) wings
What is the area to the left and right of the stage called?
a) wings b) house c) apron d) backstage
Why do stages have wings?
a) all of the answers b) actors wait there until it is their turn to take the stage c) stage crew stores set pieces there d) props crew stores props there
What is another name for theater in the round?
a) arena stage b) thrust stage c) proscenium stage d) flexible stage
Why is the apron valuable to a theatrical production?
a) it allows the play to go on in front of the grand drape while stage crew sets the next scene behind the curtain b) it keeps the production tidy c) large pieces of set can be stored on it d) the audience sits there
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