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The chance that something will happen is
a) probability b) a percentage c) a straight line d) a chromatid
Chromosomes get ready for a cell to split by
a) probability b) fraction c) lining up at the center of a cell d) chromatid
Probability is usually written as
a) probability b) a fraction or percent c) a line d) a chromatid
One trait can sometimes be decided by two or more
a) genes b) X chromosomes c) pedigrees d) sex linked disorders
Males have one X and one Y chromosome and females have two
a) genes b) X chromosomes c) pedigrees d) sex linked disorders
To trace a trait through generations of a family, you can use
a) genes b) X chromosomes c) a pedigree d) color blindness
Since men have only one X chromosome, they are more likely to have
a) genes b) a pedigree c) color blindness d) X chromosomes
A table that shows possible offspring genotypes is a
a) pedigree b) Punnett suare c) dining room d) genotype table
If red (R) is dominant and white (r) is recessive, the majority of offspring will be
a) red b) white c) pink d) red and white
If one of every four offspring is white, the probability of an offspring being white is
a) 75% b) 3/4 c) 50% d) 25%
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