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Management of __________relates to distance
a) space b) time c) your senses d) your vision
One way to control risk is to
a) take charge b) drive fast c) drive slow d) anticipate what other drivers might do
One of the hardest turns a young driver can make is
a) U turn b) three point turn c) curb parking d) two point turn
When parallel parking, you need space how much longer than you car
a) 5 feet b) 8 feet c) 2 feet d) 12 feet
As a driver you have to constantly adjust your
a) seat b) mirrors c) speed d) hands on wheel
The % of fatal and non-fatal injuries to pedestrians that occur at intersections is
a) 15 b) 30 c) 50 d) 70
Engine Fires usually occur due to
a) electrical problem b) broken belt c) cooling problem d) oil
If you have a tire blowout, it is important to NOT
a) brake b) check the traffic around you c) grab the wheel tight d) realease the gas pedal
What should you NOT keep in the trunk of your car
a) Donughts b) bottled water c) blanket d) flashlight
Fluid levels, belts, hoses should be checked
a) once every 6 months b) once a week c) once a year d) once a month
When driving in a city, you should always search
a) 6 cars ahead b) 1-2 blocks ahead c) 3-4 blocks d) 10 seconds
When passing a bike, you should allow this much space
a) 3 feet b) 2 feet c) 1 foot d) 12 feet
Most entrance ramps on expressways are on the __________
a) right b) top c) bottom d) left
On average , a car going 60 mph takes about ______ to stop
a) 2-3 seconds b) 10- 12 seconds c) 4-6 seconds d) 7-9 seconds
Collisions involving cell phone use using are
a) property damage b) head on c) side d) rear end
When driving in fog do NOT use your
a) low beams b) parking lights c) high beams d) fog lights
Attention fatigue is a the result of
a) mental exhaust b) boredom c) lack of sleep d) physical exhaust
If you are in a collision what should you NOT exchange
a) phone numbers b) social security numbers c) insurance information d) name and address
Vehicle Fatality is highest in
a) economy cars b) small pick ups c) semi trucks d) large cars
Visibilty problems specific to mountains would be
a) glare b) large trucks c) steep grades d) dust storms
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