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What scares Annie?
a) a mouse b) dogs c) big cats d) bugs and spiders
What picture was in the open book?
a) a zoo b) an insect c) a mouse d) a green forest
What was Peanut hiding in?
a) a pink sock b) a pink shirt c) a red sock d) a red shirt
What is Peaunt?
a) a dog b) a cat c) a mouse d) a bird
Who is the magic librarian?
a) Morgan Fairchild b) Morgan Le Fay c) Morgan Smith d) Morgan Magic
Where were Jack and Annie looking for?
a) Their mom b) Jack c) Peanut d) Annie
What did they find in Old Japan?
a) sandstone b) a fortune cookie c) books d) a moonstone
What was the tree house filled with?
a) Books b) Bugs c) Leaves d) Tree Sap
Where do Jack and Annie live?
a) New York City, New York b) Frog Creek, Pennsylvania c) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma d) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
What kinds of sounds did they hear when the tree house stopped?
a) a car honking b) dogs barking c) wild animal sounds d) a tornado
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