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The Homestead Act was meant to:
a) encourage settlers to move north b) encourage settlers to move west c) encourage settlers to move south d) encourage settlers to move back east
The 19th Amendment gave what group the right to vote?
a) all Asian-Americans b) Japanese-Americans c) African-Americans d) women
The purchase of Alaska was referred to as which of the following:
a) Seward's Folly b) Wilson's Folly c) Hoover's Folly d) Ford's folly
Where was the Comstock Lode?
a) Utah b) Nevada c) Califiornia d) Wyoming
The Comstock Lode was what kind of discovery?
a) gold/silver mining b) oil mining c) coal mining d) gas mining
At Wounded Knee , what native American dance was put to an end?
a) Spirit Dance b) Rain Dance c) Ghost Dance d) Moon Dance
When John Evans invited Indians to hunt near Sand Creek, who was it that attacked the unsuspecting Native Americans with 700 troops?
a) John Foote b) John Evans c) John Chivington d) John D. Rockefeller
What did the transcontinental railroad do?
a) connect to north to west b) connect south to east c) connect north to south d) connect east to west
Native Americans used the buffalo for which of the following::
a) food b) shelter c) clothing d) all of the above
When Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830 and forced Cherokee to sign contract to relocate to reservation in Oklahoma it was referred to as the:
a) Trail of Sorrow b) Trail of Tears c) Trail of Joy d) Trail of Death
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