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The body likes the constant state of being balanced which is called
a) pathogen b) antigen c) homeostasis d) vaccine
A _________________ is part of the pathogen.
a) antigen b) antibiotic c) antibody d)
Which is NOT a pathogen
a) virus b) bacteria c) fungi d) antibiotic
A vaccine contains a
a) medicine b) weak or dead from of the pathogen c) antibodies d) allergy
The immune system produces ________ to attack foreign antigents that it recognizes on the cell surface of the pathogen.
a) antibacterial b) antibodies c) antibiotics d) vaccine
The _______ system works to attack pathogens that have entered the body.
a) digestive b) circulatory c) skeletal d) Immune
White blood cells fight diseases
a) true b) false c) d)
Diseases are caused by
a) pathogens b) antibiotics c) vaccines d) white blood cells
Antibodies are specific and can only attack one kind of antigen based on its ______
a) shape b) sound c) color d) place
Keeping the body healthy is the primary job of what system?
a) reproductive b) endocrine c) muscular d) immune
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