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Which order of bird includes perching birds such as hummingbirds and swifts?
a) apodiformes b) coraciiformes c) cuculiformes d) ciconiiformes
Which order of bird includes water birds such as herons, flamingos, storks and the ibis?
a) ciconiiformes b) galliformes c) apterygiformes d) sphenisciformes
Which order of bird includes water birds such as ducks, geese and swans?
a) anseriformes b) psittaciformes c) galliformes d) piciformes
Which order of bird includes heavy bodied, ground feeding game birds such as turkey, grouse, chicken and quail?
a) galliformes b) piciformes c) ciconiiformes d) psittaciformes
Which order of bird includes tropical birds such as parrot and macaws which are known to their intelligence and mimicking abilities.
a) psittaciformes b) galliformes c) ciconiiformes d) piciformes
Which order of bird includes penguins which are a type of flightless bird. They live mostly in antarctica with wings that function as flippers.
a) sphenisciformes b) galliformes c) apodiformes d) cuculiformes
Which order of bird includes the flightless kiwi, which are native to New Zealand.
a) apterygiformes b) apodiformes c) anseriformes d) sphenisciformes
Cuckoos, roadrunners, turacos tend to be brood parasites and typically have long tails belonging to this order.
a) cuculiformes b) apodiformes c) galliformes d) psittaciformes
Kingfishers, hornbills, bee-eaters, toadies tend to be colorful birds found in temperate, tropical areas. They are found in this order.
a) coraciiformes b) cuculiformes c) apterygiformes d) ciconiiformes
Woodpeckers, toucans, honeyguides, jacamars generally eat insects and fruit and are found in this order.
a) piciformes b) coraciiformes c) psittaciformes d) anseriformes
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