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Harelike mammals which include rabbits and pikas, have 4 incisors and belong in which order of mammals?
a) lagomorpha b) dermaptera c) perissodactyla d) primate
Pouched mammals that include kangaroos, possum and koala, are part of which order of mammal?
a) marsupialia b) rodentia c) cetacea d) carnivora
What mammal order includes flying lemurs, which are not actually true lemurs, just gliding mammals?
a) dermoptera b) lagomorpha c) rodentia d) primate
Marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and porpoises are part of which order of mammal?
a) cetacea b) sirenia c) dermoptera d) lagomorpha
Sea cows are part of which order of mammals?
a) sirenia b) chiroptera c) monotremata d) rodentia
What mammal order includes bats and is only order with true flying mammals?
a) chiroptera b) monotremata c) rodentia d) lagomorpha
These mammals are also knowns as odd-toed hoofed mammals which include zebras, rhinos and tapirs.
a) perissodactyla b) rodentia c) pholidota d) monotremata
These mammals characteristically have single pair of continuously growing incisors in upper and lower jaws.
a) rodentia b) lagomorpha c) marsupialia d) carnivora
These mammals have large protective scales covering the skin and eat mostly ants and termites with a long tongue.
a) pholidota b) rodentia c) marsupialia d) sirenia
The spiny anteater are one of the few egg laying mammals and have an elongated snout belonging to this order.
a) monotremata b) chiroptera c) rodentia d) lagomorpha
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