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a meeting of the members of a legislative body who are members of a particular political party, to select candidates or decide policy.
a) Caucus b) Alien c) Impressments d) Neutrality
belonging to a foreign country or nation
a) Partisan b) Alien c) Impressments d) Nullify
conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
a) Deport b) Neutrality c) Secede d) Sedition
expel (a foreigner) from a country, typically on the grounds of illegal status or for having committed a crime.
a) Deport b) Nullify c) Neutrality d) Impressments
is a fixed interest financial asset issued by governments, companies, banks, public utilities and other large entities
a) Bond b) Propaganda c) Impressments d) Neutrality
Rights guaranteed to the states under the principle of federalism. Under the Constitution, states have considerable autonomy to pass, enforce, and interpret their own laws and to pursue their own public policy programs
a) Nullify b) Neutrality c) Deport d) State’s Rights
the total amount of money that a country's government has borrowed, by various
a) National Debt b) Tariff c) Unconstitutional d) Cabinet
a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering.
a) Laissez-Faire b) Nullify c) Sedition d) Secede
withdraw formally from membership in a federal union, an alliance, or a political or religious organization
a) Laissez-Faire b) Secede c) Deport d) Sedition
an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.
a) Deport b) Secede c) Impressments d) Tribute
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